Can't login to HostPool

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I'm trying to connect to connect to a newly created hostpool. I just get prompted for username and password over and over again. This happens using the web-client or the desktop application. 


I've been trying to diagnose using Get-RdsDiagnosticActivities but there isn't much helpful information the output (even with the '-detailed' flag). 


ActivityId : fd560315-37ec-45a1-859b-afc271ac0000
ActivityType : Connection
StartTime : 05.06.2019 12.40.44
EndTime : 05.06.2019 12.41.03

RoleInstances : rdwebclient;mrs-eus2r1c002-rdgateway-prod-staging::RD0003FF459D88;mrs-eus2r1c002-rdbroker-prod-staging::RD0003FFD9973A;≤redacted≥
Outcome : Failure
Status : Completed

Details : {[ClientOS, Win32 Chrome 74.0.3729.169], [ClientVersion,], [ClientType, HTML], [PredecessorConnectionId, ]...}
LastHeartbeatTime : 05.06.2019 12.41.03
Checkpoints : {LoadBalancedNewConnection, TransportConnecting, TransportConnected}
Errors : {Microsoft.RDInfra.Diagnostics.Common.DiagnosticsErrorInfo, Microsoft.RDInfra.Diagnostics.Common.DiagnosticsErrorInfo}

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Try finding both Enterprise Applications under Azure Active Directory - that start with 'Windows Virtual Desktop' (you'll see two results, one is the main WVD app and one is the WVD Client).


Add the user you are trying to log into your pool with to both of these apps.


- Windows Virtual Desktop app (add the user as a Tenant Creator....yes....that's correct)

- Windows Virtual Desktop Client app (add the user with 'Default Access' role)


This is a bug that is being worked - see this thread:



And - glad you actually got a pool to deploy today.  I have tried 7 times over the last two days and keep getting the same error on the last step.  Reluctant to try again.  Hope the above reply helped you out.

I've actually already done that :(

I'm thinking maybe it could be because i'm deploying to a European region.



Ah, sorry.  At least you have a pool!  :)


Best of luck - following this thread too, in case I run into anything similar.

I figured it out. Turns out Azure AD DS doesn't sync users hashes with Azure AD until you change your password.