Can’t import text by Japanese when I login WVD through Html

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When I login Windows Virtual Desktop through , I found I can’t import text by Japanese and some other language except English.

Is it a bug?

Can you check the issue through your environment and update this issue.

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Hi @null null,

can you please share the steps you take to import non English text?

By the way, if you want to be able to type non-English characters, you will need to install additional keyboards to the session host.

the place to add keyboard is at Settings->Time & Language


Soo Kuan  


@Soo Kuan Teo @Eva Seydl @Christian_Montoya 

Thanks for your commit.

I just changed the keyboard to non-English and tried to import some words at my text, word and google. The English could be typed well, but I can’t import some words like Japanese and Chinese.

I had installed the non-English keyboards to the session host, the Remote Desktop Client can work well but it was not useful on Web Client.

Does the WVD web client not support this yet?