Can't connect to WVD client because of error meesage " no available resources"

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I need help because I cant connect to WVD desktop. deploy was successful and users exist. I checked avairable users with following command, Get-RdsAppGroupUser -TenantName "xxx" -HostPoolName "xxx" -AppGroupName "Desktop Application Group". and there are two available users.

When I use both desktop app on Laptop and web browser, I failed and got error messages " you can connect because there are currently no available resources". 

Does anyone have the same problems? I'm happy if someone share the resolutions on this.



Active Directory : AAD DS

DN: AAD domain name is, AAD DS domain name is


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I can access to the target machine(prod-it-wvd-0) with remotedesktop from Windows server on the same vNet.



>  Get-RdsSessionHost -TenantName "prod-it-wvd" -HostPoolName "prod-it-wvd"
SessionHostName    :
TenantName         : prod-it-wvd
TenantGroupName    : Default Tenant Group
HostPoolName       : prod-it-wvd
AllowNewSession    : True
Sessions           : 0
LastHeartBeat      : 2020/01/04 05:22:26
AgentVersion       : 1.0.833.5
AssignedUser       :
OsVersion          : 10.0.18362
SxSStackVersion    : rdp-sxs191031003
Status             : NoHeartbeat
UpdateState        : Succeeded
LastUpdateTime     : 2020/01/04 05:16:45
UpdateErrorMessage :

@yatsu40I made new hostPool,then this problem was fixed.


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The Status = no heartbeat is the issue. It's telling you that the pool cannot see the host (aka VM). This typically because there is an issues with the following post I found very help in troubleshooting and resolving:


In my case I found I was no copying/pasting the Token correctly which stuffed up the heartbeat.

@Robert Crane 

Thank you Robert, Azure support announced the same answer. But it didnt work on my envilonment.

I dont know why, maybe because I re-made and deleted it with same paramaters over and over. Now I use the different host pool name and there seems to be no problems to access a new client. 

I deleted the problem host pool from management console of WVD. I will try to make the same name host pool to the problem one and access later.