Can't Assign Application due to "FilePath property does not contain a well formed RDSH file path."




Trying to deploy a RemoteApplication threw WVD and assign the application from the Azure Portal.

I have a Application server where the database is installed and a hostpool where i have installed the client application (so the hostpool VM have a client installation of the application installed on it where its connected to the database etc)


I get a error massage in the Azure Portal when i try to deploy this application group saying "FilePath property does not contain a well formed RDSH file Path."


If i right click on properties on the session host VM i can see that the "goal" (which in swedish is mål)

is pointing to my application server "\\\program\pyramid\"

Pictures is posted in this post.


Any ideas how to go around that? or anyone experienced similar problem?

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Maybe the issue is that it cant navigate to different computers outside the hostpool?

If so, how do i go around this issue?



Please correct me if im wrong.