Can not see "Windows Virtual Desktop" application in Azure AD


I have running and working Azure WVD infrastructure. I'm trying to enable `Start VM on connect` feature but I can not find a Enterprise Application or App Registration called "Windows Virtual Desktop" like being instructed. My Azure AD does not have anything with name "Windows Virtual Desktop" at all. I deployed Azure WVD through portal, using Wizard, did not do anything out of ordinary. WVD is using Azure AD based authentication (no ADDS etc)




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Did you create the custom role for start vm connect?
If you did go in IAM of you subscription and add a role assignment. Here you select your custom role and assign it to Windows Virtual Desktop on the members tab.
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@Gregory Suvalian I'm not sure if this is the case here, but assuming you are attempting to attach the service to the role assignment step - this can be done using the steps seen in the below image. If not the case, then let me know and I'd be happy to look at other areas. I ran through this last week and hit a similar "Where is it?" moment. avd_startvm.jpg