Can I assign several NICs to an Azure VM and force each user to connect to a specific NIC

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I have a question, I have an Azure VM that has several people connecting to it. 

I have my users needing to connect to a VPN from within that VM. I have a workaround to it by just connecting one user and everyone else can access the resources because user 1 is connected to the VPN.

The issue is if user 1 disconnects everyone will obviously lose VPN connection.


I'd like to assign several NICs to that VM but I'd like to know if it is possible to force every user to connect to a specific NIC so they are creating their own tunnel when they connect to the VM and is independent to everyone else.


My little diagram


User 1 = NIC 1

User 2 = NIC 2

User 3 = NIC 3


Is this doable? 

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Windows network configuration is not tied to users. Unless your software supports specifying the outgoing interface or proxies, something like ForceBindIP is the only viable solution. Else see if the firewall can be leverage with diff/ports per user.?