Can a select few users override redirectprinters:i:0 if I set as a CustomRdpProperty on RdsHostPool?

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My scenario is that printers are set up server-side for most users. I do not want these users to have their connected printers redirected. I plan to avoid redirected printers by setting  redirectprinters:i:0 as a CustomRdpProperty on the RdsHostPool.


There are, however, a few users working from home where it makes more sense to redirect local printers.


All users connect using the WVD downloadable client in windows 10 or Windows 7.

(Multimon seems overridable at subscription level but I see no option for redirectprinters)


Does anyone know a simple way to cater for this variability for a select few users?




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I also have the same question, did anyone resolve this? (without gpo's)

Same, can anyone confirm if this is possible?