BUG : Using Dex with RD Client (Android) : Duplicate Keypresses after switching away from RD Client

1) Open DEX
2) Connect using RD Client to Remote Machine
3) Open some other app in DEX WITHOUT first cleanly moving away from existing RDP session
--- by cleanly moving away, I mean
------ clicking on RD Logo on Icon bar at top center AND
------ clicking on home button on top left
--- to go to another app, I mean
------ to go to another app means using icons on DEX menu bar OR
------ minimizing RD Client and going to some other app
4) Do some activity on other app
5) Come back to RD Client, use existing session
6) Keypresses are duplicated, triplicated and sometimes quadruplicated
7) THIS does not happen if I CLEANLY MOVE AWAY from existing RDP session
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Thank you for the feedback! This will be passed onto the engineering team

@js351 It's as if the keypress listeners are recreated each time I come back to the window without the existing ones being destroyed if I don't CLEANLY move away from existing RD session.