Browser Multimedia Redirection (MMR) Gray screen when using on Microsoft Surface with 200% Scaling

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Hi everyone,

We are keen to use this great Media redirection technology on our 250 computers, but currently it doesn't work us.

This is because when connecting via Surface Pro it uses (out of box) 200% scaling resolution which makes a gray screen when having MMR enabled on web videos.


We are aware this is listed as a known limitation here:


  • "If your monitor or browser scale factor isn't set to 100%, you may see a gray pattern appear on the video screen."

Given this is GA I find it really strange it doesn't support this Microsoft product which is a very common client endpoint.


Does anyone know if this is on the roadmap to fix, or if there is another trick to get it to work?


Note: If we change the surface to 100% scale it runs great, however the icons and text is far too small for our mostly boomer age users.

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@PaulStirling we have the same issue, Microsoft have told us they are working on it but not given a firm date yet.  and we are still waiting.