Bluebeam Revu Edits Getting Wiped Out

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We have BlueBeam Revu version 20.2.70 in our AVD environment.  What is happening is that sometimes when a user tries to save a PDF that they are working on, all the edits and markups disappear and they lose all their work.  This is having in two of our AVD production pools.  


Does anybody use use BlueBeam in their AVD environment and seeing similar issues?



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Yes! and I'm about to tear my hair out because of it! I'm currently digging into the hardware acceleration side of things to see if that's doing anything.

Did you make any progress on this?
No, I think we reverted back to an older version and that appears to be stable, but it's been so long that I don't even know if anybody is complaining anymore or they're just working around it.

I have been dealing with this (or not dealing) with this for at least a couple years.  Same story.  User's just cope with the issue and BB Support eventually tells me the environment is not supported.


Win 10 AVD.  2 host pools each with separate templates updated monthly, 3 session hosts


all hosts affected.





I appreciate the feedback. Glad it's not just me, but frustrating that there isn't a resolution yet.

I appreciate the feedback. Glad it's not just me, but frustrating that there isn't a resolution yet.



So, I think I have a work around now. I've rolled it out a week ago, but it's hard to test thoroughly since it's Holiday season, though it's been promising so far.


FSLogix has a rules editor where you can create a redirection rule and apply it to the AVD machine. I just redirected where Bluebeam creates its working file from the folder "c:\users\*\appdata\local\Bluebeam\Revu\20\SaveTemp" to the "c:\temp" folder. I was able to toggle the issue based on whether I had the redirect rule enabled or not.

I saw your update while on vacation.  Sounds promising and makes sense moving working dir off the profile mounted via .vhdx.  Any new updates with the return to normal production? Any issues with multiple users using the same working dir? @LittleCoffeeMan725 


Thank you.

So the issue was reported again today, first time in a while. Has your workaround been stable?
So far, it's been stable for me. Are you seeing the rules loading in the FSLogix logs?
I don't really look after this anymore lol. But I did send this info to the team that is managing it now. No idea if they have done anything with it yet.
How you manage this for multiple users since you cannot use a variable like %localappdata%\Bluebeam\Revu\20\SaveTemp as a source?
Make a rule for each user?
No, I use a wildcard.
Kind of like that.