Blocking older and unsupported Remote Desktop clients starting 6/15


Starting June 15, 2020, the Windows Virtual Desktop service will reject connections from unsupported clients and unsupported versions of supported clients. To ensure business continuity, ensure that your users are using the following versions or newer of each client.


Windows Desktop (MSRDC): 1.2.247

Android: 10.0.6


iOS: 10.1.0


Customers using clients from our partners leveraging our Linux SDK, like iGel, will not be impacted by this change.


NOTE: The inbox RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (RADC) and Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC) clients are not supported with Windows Virtual Desktop and will be blocked at that time. This refers only to accessing published resources. Accessing session hosts directly using Remote Desktop Connection for management purposes will still be supported.

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What About igel thin clients ?
Hi Krister Persson,

This list only show Microsoft 1st party clients, aka maintained by MSFT. As the IGEL WVD client is based on a SDK, it is not mentioned in this article. I would recommend you to be on the current version of IGEL OS, which is 11.03.572, which is based on the latest version of the SDK from MSFT. You should be safe. See
Great movie! We see many customers using the built-in mstsc/radc even touch it's not supported.

Any plans to get the Windows Desktop (MSRDC) client built into Windows 10?
When can we expect general availability of the Linux SDK for WVD clients David? Lack of proper client software for Linux based thin clients is the #1 issue crippling the ability of many organisations I am working with to leverage wvd as a cost effective and forward looking component fof their Windows 10 adoption and wider digital transformation journey. Please can we get an ETA on its availability, so organisations other than IGEL can incorporate native aupport!?