Black screen after login - eventually loads

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This is our first WVD deployment, and its been in production for about a week. Users today complained that when they would log in, they would get a black screen. They would have to wait at least a few minutes, and then everything would load (their desktop, customizations, etc). The FXlogics profiles are shared off of a file server, but when I monitor the login, I really dont see any load on the server and it does not appear that domain admins that do not use FXlogics has the issue as well.


After hours, I will try restarting the wvd host to see if it clears it up. The gold image for the wvd does not have any updates pending or anything that would slow the users down that way, in fact they logged in this morning without any delays. 


Where do I start looking? 

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Just to update this, rebooting the windows 10 multi session host fixed the issue. I just wish I knew what caused it.
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@Travis_78:Hi Travis! Black screen issues may have different root causes so it is not possible to give a generalized answer. Our support team would usually request a complete memory dump. You could open next time a support case if you want this to be debugged.


Thank you for the updates.

@Travis_78  Disable the AppReadiness service, found it as the root cause for anything that mounts a UPD or UPD type of profile