Because of a protocol error (code: 0x1151), the remote session will be disconnected.

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Has anyone experienced this error (subject line), it's cause or remedy?.  This for no apparent reason am now experiencing this on all attempts to start a WVD session.


The seession seems to start for a very brief moment, when the error message box appears. 


The More Details includes: 


Remote Desktop

Because of a protocol error (code: 0x1151), the remote session will be disconnected.
Please try connecting to the remote computer again.

Error code: 0x3000018
Extended error code: 0x1151

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@stewartgscott Hi, in my case I saw the same error, also I don't know if it can help you but from my research this error would seem to be related to the use of the Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent version 1.0.2800.600, so I recommend you fall back to the previous version 1.0.2743.1400, also remember that the Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent will self update to version 1.0.2800.600 if the Host Pool is set in Validation Environment

@Deleted thanks for clarifing the validation environment error! Do you know how to rollback to 1.0.2743.1400 version? i didnt find the .exe in anothers machines.



@vikomex Regarding your question, you could try to uninstall version 1.0.2800.600 and restart the VM, consider that typically the VM will have 2 or 3 copies of the agent (different versions of course) and typically if you uninstall the latest version a fall back will happen automatically.

• Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features.

After this actions, if the VM enters an “unhealthy” state, verifiable through > Host Pool > Session hosts > Status, in this case perform the following actions and I advise you to first check that the Host Pool is not set in Validation Environment
1) Uninstall all agent, boot loader, and stack component programs
• Remote Desktop Agent Boot Loader
• Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Agent
• Remote Desktop Services Infrastructure Geneva Agent
• Remote Desktop Services SxS Network Stack
2) Remove the session host from the host pool
3) Generate a new registration key for the VM
4) Reinstall the agent and boot loader

Note: From the last tests I made (after reinstalling the agent) it would appear that version 1.0.2800.600 now works correctly