Azure WVD - Upgrade Failed at Session Hosts

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Hi Team, 


I am seeing a weird issue with Azure WVD deployment. I have used windows 10 1809 , 2004, 1909 aswell to create the host pool. As the Session Hosts status shows "upgrade failed". 

I took the RDP of the session hosts and noticed that "Remote Desktop Services SxS Network Stack" is not installed and on the event viewer, I see below events. 

Please Note: I am using the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 1809 Version for the Session Hosts. 


Can someone please help on this why i am seeing this issue as i have gone through multiple articles and i am exhausted with all the troubleshooting steps but the issue still persisting. 

Log Name: Application
Source: WVD-Agent
Date: 3/15/2021 7:18:15 AM
Event ID: 3277
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
UpdateAgentSxSStackAsync - DownloadMSIException Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.DownloadMSIException: Side-by-Side Stack MSI failed to download: Unable to connect to the remote server
at Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.DownloaderHelper.DownloadMSI(String downloadLocation, String msiFileName, String errorMessagePreamble, IAgentUpdateState agentUpdateState, ILogger logger) in E:\agent\_work\2\s\src\RDAgent\src\Service\AgentUpdateClasses\AgentUpdateCommon.cs:line 192
at Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.SxsStackMsiDownloader.DownloadSxsStackMSI(String downloadLocation) in E:\agent\_work\2\s\src\RDAgent\src\Service\AgentUpdateClasses\SxsStackMsiDownloader.cs:line 70
at Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.RDAgentUpdateHandler.<UpdateAgentSxSStackAsync>d__55.MoveNext() in E:\agent\_work\2\s\src\RDAgent\src\Service\AgentUpdateClasses\RDAgentUpdateHandler.cs:line 465
Event Xml:

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@Chandrasekhar_Reddy - Even I see the same issue.. Seems very immature product. 

Its says "Microsoft.RDInfra.RDAgent.Service.DownloadMSIException: Side-by-Side Stack MSI failed to download: Unable to connect to the remote server"

From where it trying to download the Side-by-Side Stack MSI ? Why its not able to download. I dont have any firewall or NSG Configured but still why its not able to download ?

@Chandrasekhar_Reddy . This issue is fixed and I would like to thanks "Father of WVD .. Dean Cefola"


Hi, iam having the same problem, how did you fix it?

@Chandrasekhar_Reddy Just stopped (deallocate) the machine from Azure portal and start the AVD session host.