Azure WVD ARM Application Group Type (Desktop)

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Hi All,


I am trying to set up a new application group and when I try to select Desktop in the type it is always great out. doses anyone has any idea why?



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You need to select recourcegroup and hostpool first. Please go through the WVD create hostpool.

@Soo Kuan TeoIt is still not working  even when I select the recourcegroup and hostpool 



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You can't have more than one Desktop Application Group per HostPool.

"You can create as many RemoteApp app groups within a host pool as you would like, but you can have only one desktop app group within a host pool. A default "Desktop Application Group" is automatically created Whenever you create a new host pool, so you must remove the app group first if you would like to create a new desktop app group"

So either delete the one you have or if your goal is to have multiple you'll have to create a second HostPool.