Azure Virtual Desktop - session switching

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Dear Team,


Does anyone can describe how Azure will choose the session host for the client if there are a few session hosts in different regions in the same host pool?

An example: We have 3 session host in 3 different DC (Singapore/China/Australia) and how Azure will redirect client if the client will be in Singapore? is there any algorithm which will decide that this client should be connected to Singapore?

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Hi @rafalzak,
This isn't possible for the moment. If you want to have this you have to create several hostpools in the different regions and give the users access to all 3 hostpools.

@Johan Vanneuville 

Thank you for your answer.

So, based on my example, I need to create 3 host pools one per each region.

Do you know what algorithm is used for deciding process which host poll should be used?

Is there any documentation which describe this process?

I need to understand this case because I would like to setup the scenario where users are connected to the closest region when they are traveling between regions.

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There isn't an algorithm for that. You need to create different hostpools with vm's in different region and give the user access to them. When he is for example in Australia he will have to start a session on the Australia desktop