Azure Virtual Desktop - Restricting Access based on the Remote Desktop Client App Version

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What are the current options for restricting access to the AVD Service based on the version of the Remote Desktop Client App?  I would have thought CA policy could achieve this, but it doesnt seem to be granualar enough.


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AVD - Win10 Multi-User

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Restricting the version.  Good example would be to prevent users from coming into the AVD environment when they are using a version of the Remote Desktop Client app that is 2 years out of date or more. 


I'm aware that in the past Microsoft have blocked older unsupported versions from accessing the AVD Service:


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Hi Redsman13,

This is not possible.

Conditional access policies can only target these Azure Virtual Desktop resources:

  • Azure Virtual Desktop with app ID "9cdead84-a844-4324-93f2-b2e6bb768d07"
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop with app ID "a4a365df-50f1-4397-bc59-1a1564b8bb9c"
  • Windows Cloud Login with app ID "270efc09-cd0d-444b-a71f-39af4910ec45"