Azure Virtual Desktop Requirements - Azure Active Directory Services / M365

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I am looking at how I can configure the requirements for an Azure Virtual Desktop environment to communicate with a Azure Active Directory service in different subscriptions.  I have a Microsoft 365 E5 subscription through the Microsoft 365 Developer Program using my work email address. How can I have this communicate with the an Azure subscription that is using the same work email address under a different directory/organization? I can't find a way to link them.  The azure subscription is a sandbox development environment which has an active directory with other members of the company that have their own subscriptions I would imagine.
I have discussed this through a support request with Microsoft and there suggestion is to register for a free trial but that isn't possible with a work email address and don't want to go down the PAYG model. I have a support request open with Microsoft 365 and they believe I can link them but I can't see a method for that.

I am just learning about this technology through the Microsoft Learn material, so not sure if Azure AD Connect is part of the solution here, and if so if i have permission to create these connections with my azure subscription permissions.

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You can peer your vnets and set dns to match that of your domain controller. Then you can domain join any session hosts to the domain you use for your existing licenses.