Azure Virtual Desktop RDP Shortpath

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Hello team

In a scenario where remote users are connecting directly to Azure Virtual Desktop from their home (with no VPN to corp office), can I use ShortPath? 


The MS doc states:


To support RDP Shortpath, the Azure Virtual Desktop client needs a direct line of sight to the session host. You can get a direct line of sight by using one of the following technologies:



So, home users connecting directly to AVD - does this equal a 'direct line of sight' connection?




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No, it doesn't, users connecting from home will just be flowing over the internet - both side of the traffic (the home internet to the Azure edge) is unmanaged, so the route can't be optimized.

@Luke Murray - thats great thank you! So basically Shortpath is a good option to optimise traffic when inside a corp / private network and this can prevent 'hair pin' type traffic flow I guess.

Yes, as long as the Firewalls aren't blocking UDP port 3390 in your path - which you can control with the Expressroute/VPN connections, without those you can't control the specific paths of the traffic.