Azure Virtual Desktop - Performance Testing

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Two questions

  1. Does anyone know of a good tool or application that can be used to test out performance of Azure Virtual Desktop machines? I am looking at switching a pool of VMs that house 180+ applications on each VM, (many of which are GPU intensive applications) from the NVsv3 series to the newer NVads_A10 v5 series machines. In our time using the NVsv3 series, we found that for users to have a decent experience, we had to set the VMs to 2vCPU per user. So, NV24sv3 VMs would allow 12 users max on each VM. Anymore users and the CPU's pegged making the VMs unresponsive. I am not sure how this would correspond on the newer NVads VMs as they have newer processors with more threads / etc.

  2. Does anyone know of any tweaks we could use to make GPU performance better for users? With 180+ applications on each VM and users going in and out of the VMs, we see rendering times and other GPU intensive processes take considerably longer on the Virtual Machines than we would see on a desktop computer. I'm not certain if there is anything we can do in this area with our current setup, but wanted to ask. I know if we had separate pools for certain applications, we would see much better times, but that can get very expensive.

Appreciate any insights or assistance.

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