Azure Virtual Desktop - Optional Rules for Session Host Virtual Machines

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Hi all,


Just wondering if it is standard practise to include the optional rules for the Session Host VM's (see table below):


AddressOutbound TCP portPurpose in to Microsoft Online Services and Microsoft 365
* Service
www.msftconnecttest.com443Detects if the session host is connected to the internet
* Update
*.sfx.ms443Updates for OneDrive client software
*.digicert.com443Certificate revocation check
*.azure-dns.com443Azure DNS resolution
*.azure-dns.net443Azure DNS resolution


Microsoft state that these optional rule MIGHT also be required to access other services:


Would just like to hear other engineers experience on whether to implement or not.


Thanks in advance.

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In most case you will be further integrating the AVD into Azure services. Whitelisting them will be a good starting point. Rather later getting into troubleshooting mode as to why it's not working out of the box.