Azure Virtual Desktop Kerberos Authentication Causing Access Disconnections

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We are facing connectivity issues with Azure Virtual Desktop within our cloud setup hosted on Azure. The user experiences disconnections when interacting outside the virtual desktop, such as checking emails, if they move the mouse outside the virtual desktop area. This results in the Access application crashing, requiring a restart. We’ve observed that the problem occurs when the user is authenticated through Kerberos, with multiple crashes happening daily. Conversely, when authenticated via NTLM, there are no issues.

Further investigation revealed that the issue with Kerberos authentication only happens when the user is connected to the corporate wired network. Attempts to force NTLM authentication by creating a local session or connecting through a mobile data connection were successful. However, we are unable to pinpoint why the switch to NTLM happens outside the corporate network or why Kerberos authentication is causing the application to crash.

The error message from Microsoft Access, when the crash occurs, reads: "Impossible to open a form where the underlying request contains a user-defined function that tries to set or read the RecordsetClone property of the form."

This suggests a problem with a custom function related to the RecordsetClone property within Access, which could be part of the issue when the Access application crashes during Kerberos authentication over the corporate network. We are looking for guidance to resolve these Kerberos-related connectivity and application stability issues.


thanks for help

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Thanks I will check. 
Issue can related to hostpool configuration too ? 

If the user connect with rdp, it works. 
But with AVD client don’t.