Azure Virtual Desktop - inadequate options when configuring CA policies.

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Hello, can someone give me a hint how to set Condition Acces, so it would allow AVD acces via the WebBrowser (Extern bureaublad-webclient (, but would not give acces via any other client like the Remote Desktop Client?


I would also like to know if there is a combination, where MFA is asking on every start off any published App in the Remote Desktop Client as the client does not seem to logoff automaticly after a amount off time.

Both seem to have:

App-naam: Azure Virtual Desktop Client
App-id: a85cf173-4192-42f8-81fa-777a763e6e2c

Which I cannot even find on the CA cloud app filter.

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@Kidd_Ip thans, I already seen this page. Unfortunately this does not meet my business requirements.

Thanks four your answer anyways.

@ReneMP Browser options does exist but i am not sure how will you restrict the native client App for AVD.