Azure Virtual Desktop Agent does not seem to be updating

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We have never had issues with AVD agent updating automatically until now.

Our 13 VMs (Australia East) appears to be 'stuck' on version : 1.0.6129.9100.


There are no apparent issues currently, but notice we are two behind according to this:


We have tried 'scheduled agent updates' within a window that VMs are ON. Also just having the schedule turned off for a week or so to let it do it anytime.


I have also redeployed new VMs in the hope it would kick it off, but always just get that version.


Anyone have the same issue or know of why? I don't want to manually update them.


Thanks - Paul

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Same issue here, stuck on 1.0.6129.9100. Would like to upgrade in an attempt to solve this issue:
I do wonder if MS halted the updates, as a couple of weeks ago one of my new VMs I deployed as a test before replacing all of our 13 DID get the next version, when I deployed the remaining 12 they got stuck on the version we have.

I too want to get the recent updates. We had the same random unavailable late last year however that 'went away on it's own' and haven had since.

I just want to ensure we are as up to date as possible