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Hi Team,


I have multi session windows 10 22h2 version and installed my ERP application. I have deployed the application via GPO as a shortcut to the users to their Azure Virtual Desktops. I am trying to access the Azure Remote App and it works perfectly. But the very first time every day the app will freeze, and I need to use windows+D button to minimize and maximize windows then the app will work normal.

The app freeze very first time every day. This is the same behavior even if I try to access the same Azure Remote App via a normal desktop instead of Azure Virtual Desktop.

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Hi Ramachandrank,

Two months ago, I had a customer with similar RemoteApp issues. The issue is related to the SxS stack agent and was resolved by adding this registry key to the session host(s):

Key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RdpCloudStackSettings
Value: RAILDVCActivateThreshold
Data: 0


Microsoft has requested internally for a permanent fix on the SXS update. The fix will be pushed in the coming month. There is no ETA. When the fix is released, the registry key in the workaround will be updated automatically.

Please keep me posted.



I will try this option and update you. 

Any idea what this setting actually does???
Hi Team, I noticed that increasing Azure VM size with SSD Hard disk improved Remote App usage performance.