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we have the following problem. We have created a hostpool with a VM which is joined to our on prem domain. Furthermore we created a storage account which is also joined to our on prem domain. The filshare can be mounted on the VM and can be used. However, when dropping a .vhd file and trying to attach it to the Host Pool as an MSIX package, an error occurs that no MSIX packages were found on that path.

According to Github this error message could be caused by too few permissions.

Which permissions must be set for user and VM?

Thanks a lot
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do your session hosts have read access on the fileshare where the MSIX packages are located?
yes, the session host is part of "Storage File Data SMB Share Contributor"
is the .vhd file in the file share or the MSIX package that you created?
it is only the .vhd on the file share
\\Storage account name\file share\vhd
The FileShare is mounted exactly the same way on the host and can mount the vhd from there as well.
I'm having the same problem and also looking for a solution. Some VHDs work and others don't. No real error message appears.
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The computer accounts need to be added to a group which is synchronized to Azure AD. This group needs the rights "Storage File Data SMB Share Contributer" and "Storage File Data SMB Share Elevated Contributer". The .pfx file used for the MSIX package needs to be added under Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

This has solved all my problems
I realized my error by looking at the certificates. The cert needs to be in the "Trusted Peoples" cert store for MSIX app attach to work.