Azure ARM template for ostpool - Hybrid use benefit?

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Hey there!

I've created Azure Host Pool WVD with Windows Server for Windows Virtual Desktop essentially with this ARM template:

The actual deployment is in nested template here:

From what I see both in Portal, and in template, it sets Azure Hybrid Use Benefit to true for both Client and Server images. Could someone please confirm this is desired and HUB benefit applies to WVD deployment for Windows Server Session Hosts? I didn't see this anywhere and if it's true, this could make WVD even more compelling than it is already :) 

Thanks for clarification!
Alex Pawlak

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@Aleksander Pawlak : That is correct, it will set the Windows Client flag to VMs that are created and receiving connections as part of WVD. We have some additional info here: .


Just to clarify, this is licensed through Windows Client. The Hybrid-Use-Benefit is a separate program that uses the Windows Server flag.


Why I asked is that when reviewing settings in Azure Portal it is marked as using Hybrid Benefit:

So far it's a bug in Azure Portal display right? And the bill will include Windows Server license PAYG? 

@Aleksander Pawlak : Yes, it's a bug in the code, but should report as Windows Client BYOL in the bill. If the VMs have been running for a day or two, you should be able to check the bill for the subscription and look for this VM resource after you export.