AVD with HP ThinPro (linux) no webcam in MS Teams

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Hello everyone,


we will use our thinclients (HP) with ThinPro(Linux) to connect to Microsoft AVD.

All works fine, but when i try to use a local USB-Webcam for MS Teams, it will not run.

Does anyone have information to make this going?


Many thanks for your help


Best regards,

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What is the model?



Hi, HP t640 with ThinPro 8.1 SP 2.5 and the newes AVD-Client from January


i did this week the same setup :ok_hand:, but had to switch to Windows 10 IoT. But our testing didn't show an issue. Is it working when you test it in Edge?



i found out, that, i need webRTC-Application for old and new! Teams, when i use Microsoft AVD.


Thank you for all.


Yes the problem is solved