AVD with AzureAD-joined VMs: bug?

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I setup a test environment for AVD with Azure AD-joined VMs.

I wanted to try the FSlogix file share with Azure AD as an identity provider.

I followed the steps in this procedure to try and connect to an AVD configuring the host pool's RDP Properties (my computer was not part of the Azure AD tenant): Deploy Azure AD joined VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Learn


"If your local PC doesn't meet one of these conditions, add targetisaadjoined:i:1 as a custom RDP property to the host pool. These connections are restricted to entering user name and password credentials when signing in to the session host."


It works but every time I connect, the RDP properties are modified and the targetisaadjoined:i:1 parameter goes to the very beginning of the parameters. 




When the parameter is located here, I can't connect anymore and I receive an error message: 


Remote Desktop

There was a problem connecting to the remote resource. Ask your network administrator for help.

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Error code: 0x3000008
Extended error code: 0x0
Timestamp (UTC): 2023-04-27T13:28:30.512Z
Activity ID: 9a624aec-49b2-4ea6-b396-8e95582b0000


I must set the parameter at the end again to be able to connect properly.


Is there a but here?


For the record, I'm running on a trial M365 Business Premium license.


Thanks for your feedback guys!


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One more information.
The VM in my host pool is a Windows 11.
I just created a new host pool with a Windows 10 VM.
The same thing happen regarding the properties. BUT I'm still able to connect to the VM with the client back to back to back.