AVD - Windows Desktop Client 1.2.3130 - RemoteApp Tray Icons - No Context Menus

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With a recent update in our company to the latest version of Remote Desktop client for Windows.  We've begun seeing a reoccurring issue with one of our RemoteApps that run as a Tray icon.  While the tray icon is visible on the client PC's taskbar it fails to respond to mouse clicks (left or right) which normally causes a context menu to appear.  Instead the tray icon seems unresponsive.  Other RemoteApps running on the same host seem unaffected.


We've been able to get users to workaround the issue by disconnecting and reconnecting to the session. (No closing of apps)  This seems to clear out the problem for the remainder of the session, but tends to show up again by the next morning.  All devices we haven't updated yet, do not experience this problem.  Curious if there's a known issue going on or adjustment that needs to be made?

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We have been seeing this same behavior, however today it exploded to affecting virtually all of our users. The only confirmed fix we have right now is to roll the client back to 2860 which we had on hand. We are currently working with Microsoft on the issue, but they have not been able to figure out what is causing it.

We have the same issue. I think there was an AVD Agent update on Monday or Tuesday that made things worse. Only client version that works for us is 1.2.3004. All newer versions are broken.
We also have a open high pri. support case with Microsoft. Apparently the AVD team is working on a fix.

I am pretty sure this affects close to 100% of users on Windows Remote Desktop Client version 1.2.3128 and higher. Problem can be reproduced by creating a new host pool with any client os (win 10 or 11) and publishing edge as remote app. It will always fail.