AVD - Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops 21H1 - SCCM Updates

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Having an issue with new Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops 21H1 where the SCCM Client is installed and pointing to our update server.  However, the Virtual Machines do not see any updates from SCCM outside Office and Defender (no Windows security / cumulative updates) .  The VMs do see the needed updates if we do an update search from Microsoft manually.  We have a lot of these VMs so want to automate this using SCCM, the same way we have been doing with previous Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktop builds (2004 for example).


Any ideas why the VMs arent seeing the updates from SCCM?  The are available in the SCCM Update collection the VMs are a part of.

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Have you ever found a solution for this? 

We seem to be running into the same issue. However we use N-Central for patch management instead of SCCM and we notice it on 20H2.