AVD Teams call crashes session

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We have a strange issue and it seems to have stemmed from a couple of users getting Lenovo laptops.

When a user tries to make a call in Teams within AVD, as soon as the recipient picks up the call the AVD session just crashes.

AVD Optimization is enabled. 

The user can go back into AVD as the session is still there, makes another call. Crashes again.


Anyone come across this before?



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Just to add to this, seems to have manifested itself and getting worse.
What we have found is that if the user has Teams open and logged in on the local device as well as AVD, its causing calls within AVD to drop and unable to reconnect to on hold calls, seems to be conflicting with Teams on the local device.
If the user closes Teams on the local device, Teams in AVD works fine.

Can't expect 100+ users to close Teams on the local device before connecting to AVD.
We raised this to Microsoft and they said they will have to close Teams before connecting to AVD and attempted to resolve the ticket, I said that can't be right. Raised an escalation.

This is causing a lot of issues with our client, we have the latest WebRTC 1.17 installed and latest Remote Desktop client.

Just wondering if I disable all RDP properties media redirection /sound etc may help.