AVD RemoteApp Black Outlines

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We are deploying an AVD platform and making use of RemoteApp (published apps). During our testing, we have found that when using the remote desktop client (new client), the RemoteApps show a black outline around various UI elements, line right click context menus. This happens on the customers LoB app as well as more standard apps like Adobe Reader.


If we use the same application but via the full remote desktop experience, this doesn't happen and nor does it happen if we access the RemoteApps using the RDWeb HTML5 interface.


My first thought is that it might be an issue using the new Remote Desktop Client that is required for AVD solutions, so I have made sure the client is up-to-date and also done a complete re-install on the client. We have also tried this on other machines and the same is happening.


I suspect it is something to do with the compression options in play, as the areas on the menu's that are showing these black bars/outlines are normally seen as shadows but I am unsure how/where we can amend the kind of display and compression options for RemoteApps, or if these use a different set of options to the normal settings for full RDP (i.e. settings like redirected video capture encoding quality:i:0 etc...).




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maybe its related to your local display resolution? do you have one or more displays attached?
We have seen this same thing with some of our custom .Net applications. The odd thing was it would happen on 1 workspace but not on the next. Both VMs are identical so I figured it had to be something with the roaming profiles. Clearing the users VHD profile seemed to fix the problem but still trying to figure out the root cause.

Here are some examples


Black Outlines03.pngBlack Outlines02.pngBlack Outlines01.png

does this happen on each enduserdevice?
with each User?
same for Notebooks and FatClients?
What screen resolution do you have?