AVD Remote App Running instance not displaying in taskbar after Client update to 1.2.3130

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Good Day - I was wondering if anyone has experienced issues with Remote app programs not displaying in the taskbar after users have launched them. This is causing issues for Laptop users with single screens as they have no way to bring the remote app back up if they minimized the window to use another program. Using ALT+TAB also does not show the remote app window either. Currently they have to go back to the Windows Desktop Client and click on the app icon again to bring up a new window and connect back to their existing session. Has anyone experienced this before or has any troubleshooting steps I can try? 

Our Host Pools are running Agent Version 1.0.4452.2100, FSLogix version 2.9.7979.62170

Using Azure Storage for profiles. Remote Apps are Line of Business software and O365 (Excel, Outlook, Word ect) We started seeing this after the Client updated to 1.2.3130. Rolling back has fixed it for most of our users. 


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Not the exact same issue but we are experiencing disappearing icons for our WIN32 apps.

At some point the app loads a separate process. Once the user shuts down that child process the icon for the main app just disappears.

The only way it reappears is if the main app is minimised.

Definitely something buggy introduced recently.
Hi, we see a similar issue with an app we use. You shortly see the window appear on the taskbar, but then vanishes while the screen still opens. When you resize or minimize the window, it does show again on the taskbar.
We see this at one of our previously working remoteapps, too.

We have the same problem. We see it for 1 second and then it disappears. Only min/max window shows the tray icon again...


Which RemoteDesktop Client Version do you use to get it working? I jump back to 1.2.3128 and still get the same problem.

@David321 Some of our users are still having the problem after downgrading, probably about 5-10 from what it feels like from the helpdesk tickets. The majority seem to have the issue resolved by Clearing the user data from the client (Settings->About->Reset), uninstalling, restart PC, Installing a lower version (We have been using 1.2.33004) and re-subscribing. 


I have been stumped on the users that are still having the issue after performing that procedure. I can't really find anything relevant in the logs to show an error of some sort. I guess we are stuck waiting for MS to release an update for the bug. 


I opened a MS Call but so far we're not getting anywhere. Checked some basics like remote app settings and Sessionhost Logs.
The app worked flawlessly until last week or the week before last. So I suspect that something has changed in the RemoteDesktop Client or in the RDAgent on the session host.


I hope some developers from the remote desktop client team will read this technet post :) 

@David321opened an MS call as well, the more the merrier

We have gone back all the way to client 1.2.1954.0 and the issue persists so a rollback doesn't look like a viable option.


Hopefully MS resolve this soon as it is such a bad user experience.

Same problem here. Also created a support case.
Is anyone getting anything of value back from their support cases?

@LGADMIN545 Nothing from this side.. The Azure support says that the vendor is whom should raise the ticket directly.. 

@LGADMIN545 only that the productgroup is aware of the problem and there working on a fix. 1.2.3004 and lower are working fine. 

We have to fix that at each client machine. We have to reset user data, uninstall the desktop client, install an older desktop client to fix the issue. MS did not respond to the case we opened yesterday afternoon, but I have updated the case with our resolution.

Some of us have been on this latest client version since it was released without issue until now. I suspect MS updated some kind of service consumed by these newer client versions.

Although we haven't tested every client out there, this appeared to be limited to the desktop client only. The web client, Microsoft Store client, and iOS clients all worked as expected.
Before production we test the client so we have the most versions.
If you search on the web you find 1.2.3004 :)

I can confirm, that WebClient and MS Store Client are working fine! MS Store Client is only showing the red MSRDC Icon on taskbar but better then nothing :D

So, that's for sure, this issue is from newer Remote Desktop Client versions!

Ticket Status: We have sent the entire Remote Desktop Client logs via a special MS script (MS sent it to me) and are awaiting feedback.

@LGADMIN545 We are seeing and increase in this issue this week. Only solution that works for us is rolling back to the Windows Remote Desktop Client v1.2.3004. Webclient and store app works fine, but as we depend on the Windows client it does not help us. We have a open ticket at high priority with Microsoft and apparently they are working on a fix.