AVD Published App Minimising problem

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Hi Guys,


We have published an application from within the Start Menu from a couple of Session Hosts, this all works fine and we don't get any issues with it - although it's not a particularly well written application (looks like a mid-90s VBA app).


Occasionally, the application will respond to alt+tab within the browser interface and it disappears and the end user is left with a black page where the application should be.  The user is also able to minimise the application within the browser tab, which has the same effect.  They then cannot see it to restore it, and we end up having to kill the users session on the Session Hosts in order for them to regain access.


Obviously we've made them aware of it, but I'm wondering if there is a way to prevent the published app from being able to be minimised?  And turn off the ability to Alt+Tab?






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