AVD - Microsoft Excel focus issue

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Lately customers have been complaining that when they use Excel as a published app in AVD, that the focus randomly shifts to a another open Excel.

Sometimes when they start typing in a cell, nothing happens and they find the text in a different random excel, in a random cell (not related to where they were originally typing).


The issue has appeared since the initial setup from AVD so downgrading the Remote Desktop SErvices SxS Network Stack does not seem to help as found in the first link found below.


Here are the things we've tried already : 


create DWORD ShowInfoTip with value 0

create new DWORD : DisableMergeInstance
value : 1

- disable hardware acceleration


Is there anything else we can try, i'm open to suggestions!


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Did you ever got this fixed?


What is the exact version of Excel?


Unfortunately I haven't been able to fix this.
The customer has reported less incidents but only because they use 1 excel sheet per screen. When they have only one screen and use multiple Excel files behind each other, that's when the issue appears.
Having 2 screens and using 1 excel sheet per screen helps.

The customer is migrating away to a different platform, but it is not because of the Excel issues, so we can close this case.

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I am having the same issue, made a Microsoft Support case because this should not be happening. Will keep you updated.

Excel version is version 33.9 build 15601.20680 Click to Run.

I have a post with multiple issues and a support case, maybe someday they will fix it.