AVD Insight Log CodeSymbolic reference

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We are going into full monitoring of AVD and setting up queries to pull out as much information as possible out of the AVD Insights logs.

I have found the references to some of the error tables which is great: Azure Monitor Logs reference - WVDConnections | Microsoft Learn

However I could do with the full CodeSymbolic error list that can be generated. I know there are FSLogix mount errors and full vhd disk space errors that Insight can pull out, but I can't find any references anywhere for them, I know they exist as I have seen it in the log previously on connection diagnostic errors.  Anyone posted the full reference to AVD Insight log.



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Finally answered my own question:

| where CodeSymbolic contains "ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND"

This will give you anyone who has not loaded their profile properly in your environment.