AVD Host Randomly Losing Their Agent and causing utter chaos...

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Can someone enlighten me why at least once a week or so one of our hosts decides to lose its <bleeping> AVD agent and go unavailable thus kicking off anywhere from a few, to many end users and then locking all their profiles and sessions to where I have to drop what I am doing to unlock them through PowerShell, scrap the host and get a new one up and running. This is absolutely infuriating.

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did you already check if at that time the agent is getting an upgrade?
Didn't appear to be updating as the machine was and had already been up and working fine since 6am that morning. The other host that had issues did not show the agent was lost. Seems to just be a growing pain of being bleeding edge with AVD.

So this happened again today where the host was empty, no users, and wouldn't let people log into it while upgrading from agent 1.0.3130.2900 to I'm assuming 1.0.3855.1400 which all 10 other hosts are on. Literally having to choke the life out of the host just to get it to a point where I can reboot it and likely delete it since its junk. Microsoft really needs to fix that problem, this is absurd, its practically every other day when one of these machines gets spun up and its fine, then it calls out for that update and goes up in flames. At least today nobody was on it so I didn't have to unlock a bunch of profiles.

Another 1 of the 12 machines running today did this again. All were rebooted and reimaged last night, and this particular machine was fine earlier in the week. I just don't get it why we're having an almost daily 6%-10% fail rate on these upgrades.
Open a support case with Microsoft and flick them through some logs.
Also, take a look here for any errors:
If you go to the event logs for your VM at Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application and see an event labelled "ID 3277," that means the Agent update didn't work.


You could also try temporarily disabling your antivirus to make sure it is not interfering with the agent installation.

Either way, opening an MS Support case may help, especially if there is a bigger issue here that needs to be resolved.