AVD FsLogix profile issues

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Hi all,


I have 2 different clients operating on Azure Virtual Desktops. They both use Teams. Seems like everything runs well for a period of time, and then Teams stops functioning. The first time this happened, we determined that the .vhd's for each user were corrupted as a result of one of the servers in the AVD host pool shutting itself off in the middle of the day. Recreated the VHDs (fslogix profiles) and the client was good to go for a period of time. Teams seems to have stopped working again, and I can only assume it's a corrupt .vhd. The odd thing to me, is that this is happening to both clients with identical setups. One of the issues the users also start to experience is random disconnects from the Server with an encryption error; this can happen multiple times per day.


Has anyone experienced this before? Or have an pointers? I want to continue to adopt AVD for other customers, but I am afraid if I don't get a handle on this issue, it's just going to continue to occur and it's not fun for us or the client. 


The FSLogix profiles are running on an Azure Premium File share in both circumstances. The Servers themselves are D8s_v5 with premium SSDs.





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