AVD - FSLogix 30GB profile size clarification?

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Is 30GB the limit and does that mean the VHD file itself is automatically about 30GB for a user? In Azure File Share for FSLogix the profies show about 29 GB does that mean it's actually the user populating it that much? If not then how do you determine if the profile size is too large and needs to be expanded for user or all users?

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@John Quile 


SizeInMBs tells FSLogix the maximum volume capacity the VHD(x) can have. If you are seeing 29GB VHD in an Azure file share it means the user has a 29GB profile and is probably at the 30GB limit.


You can use redirections, and FSLogix profile compression scripts to keep this number down.

I just found your post about that because we are facing a strange issue. 
What happens when the user profile reached the size limit ? Is there a warning on the user side ? 
I ask because currently we have a 10 GB size limit and we saw that profil over this size seems to be automatically deleted ... Is this someting normal ? 
Thank's for you advices..

Hi Mathieu,
Automatic deletion is not a thing I am aware of, the profiles are being deleted out of the share you store them in?

The end user experience is dependent on your registry configuration, in my experience the default is the user will be unable to sign in, or they will not receive their profile. FSLogix has released a compact tool that works upon sign-in that clears up blank bytes on the VHD. I cannot recall if it is in the newest update or if it's in preview.

@TOKYOSREVENGE thanks for your answer.


Yes I confirm the VHDX file are deleted from the share they are stored in ... 

We enable the log for deleted items still yesterday to find any clue. 

I will let you know if we find something.


Have a nice day :)