Autoscale Monitoring

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We are sending diagnostics for a scaling plan to a storageaccount, that working fine. Every hour a new PT1H.json is created.


We are trying to build our own scaling monitoring based on the json file. But we have problems with the convert of the PT1H.json


PS C:\Support\Scripts> $json = Get-Content 'c:\temp\pt1h.json'
$json[0] | ConvertFrom-Json

ConvertFrom-Json : Cannot convert the JSON string because a dictionary that was converted from the string contains the duplicated keys 'Level' and 'level'.
At line:2 char:12
+ $json[0] | ConvertFrom-Json
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [ConvertFrom-Json], InvalidOperationException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : DuplicateKeysInJsonString,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ConvertFromJsonCommand


How can we convert this json, so we can build our own monitoring around it?

Are there other options to monitor the autoscale?


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