Automation Logic App stuck on running state

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I implemented the below automation scaling tool and it works as described.  We can scale hosts up or down via the tool.  The problem is when we look at the Logic Apps screen in Azure, we see page after page of entries still in the running state.  When we look at the automation runbook, the job statistics are all green and completed.  If we drill down into the list of jobs, they all say completed and have a green check mark.  Somehow the Logic App is not learning of this and stays stuck running.  Please advise how to correct this.  There must me something missing in the scripts.

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I have the same issue here. Did you find an explanation and/or a solution about the issue ? Thanks



You can check out the full thread here:


In my case I simply decided to simplify the setup and not use the Logic App at all.  I just edited the runbook so it runs by itself on a schedule.