Automatically Log In After Restart - How?

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Is there anyway to automatically log in after a restart?  About every 3 weeks WVD logs me out.  Probably due to an update.  This messes up Task Scheduler which I depend on.  

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Not sure what your use case is but WVD probably isn't the best choice for a platform to run scheduled tasks from. You probably should look at things like PowerAutomate or Azure Automation. If there are some dependencies for accessing/using private resources that may only be accessible from the vNet or over a connected VPN, you could employ a Hybrid Worker.

@Nagorg-Tridius Thanks for reply.  I am using Azure Function Apps for some things.  It is easy to write a C# function.  I have a requirement to produce a PDF report that has a few graphs, tables and pivot tables.  I email it to clients. I'm currently using an Excel addin.  I've looked for alternate ways to do it but so far they all fall short.  I looked at PowerBI but it seemed to fall short as well.  I'll probably look at it again.  


I did find a solution to logging in.  It seems to work.