Australia/SEA Region Availability and ease of migration

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I have a business requirement and I believe that AVD will be an ideal solution. However, as latency to existing systems is a factor, running it on the currently available datacenters is untenable. 


When will AVD as a solution be deployed to the AU East/South datacenters or the SEA datacenters?


Alternatively if we were to build on the US West system how easy would it be to migrate it to AU down the line?




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Hey, Peter
Just a comment here, the gateway/metadata is only in selected regions, not Australia East yet - however your session hosts (virtual machines you connect to) can be!

So your session hosts can be close to the Applications you are connecting to, so once you are connected you should be fine - check out RDP short path, hopefully, that helps.

You can use Azure Site Recovery, to replicate your session host across regions if you want.
It already is available in Australia.

It is just the metadata that is stored in other regions. The actual VMs and Gateways etc are in Australia and work fine, with low latency.