ARM templates updated to support availability zones



On October the 10th 2022 we announced the ability to equally distribute your Azure Virtual Desktop session hosts across availability zones during the host pool deployment process. Further information is available in this blog post making that announcement.


In that blog post we stated that we would update the ARM templates in GitHub after two weeks. This was to allow anybody who references these templates directly using their URI's in their own deployment scripts and who was making use of the old availability zones reference which was using an integer to update their scripts to use this new array.


In the template we have updated the availability zones to use this new Array function:



This is the section that you will need to modify if you want to continue referencing them directly.


This post is to announce that the templates will be updated in the Azure Virtual Desktop GitHub repository on Monday the 24th of October.

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Hello, Is this the reason i suddenly cannot deploy new sessionhosts anymore with my custom image? Either with DevOps release pipeline and manually add a sessionhost results in an error invalid template (same image and release worked well on the 14th of October). The error is" The template parameters 'vmImageVhdUri, storageAccountResourceGroupName' in the parameters file are not valid". I should say that i don't even use the vmImageVhdUri so not really understand what happens here.