ARM Template - Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization/hostpools not available in region

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Using ARM Template, I am trying to deploy a Virtual Desktop environment in the Canada East region but I get the following error.


The provided location 'canadaeast' is not available for resource type 
'Microsoft.DesktopVirtualization/hostpools'. List of available regions for the resource 
type is 'eastus,eastus2,westus,westus2,northcentralus,southcentralus,westcentralus,centralus'.

However, according to the documentation (, "Windows Virtual Desktop is currently available for all geographical locations."


The ARM Template I am using is this one :


What am I missing here?

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The Metadata for host pools can only be set to US regions at the moment. However your session host/vm location can be in a completely different region.

As such, try setting your host pool location to central US and VMs to Canada east and you should be good to go!

@Stewart McLaughlan It worked! Thank you very much.


The documentation is not super clear because they say that the WVD metadata must be in the US regions.. not the "HostPools". That's what led to my confusion.