ARM (Preview) issue: Failed to retrieve user sessions

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We have a WVD tenant where if you go into Session Pools -> Session hosts it correctly displays the number of active sessions on a particular host.


If you click on the host to find out which particular users are logged on to that session host the Azure Portal displays the event: Failed to retrieve user sessions - Please refresh and try again. Same result ofcourse


If you do a search for the user in the root applet of Windows Virtual Desktop he correctly finds the user logged on to the host.


But a whole list of users logged on to a specific VM doesn't seem to work. It does work for other WVD deployments but not this (identical) one and very little info to troubleshoot on what the issue could be.

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I am also retrieving this issue, but not on all session hosts.


This is on the Generally Available release of Windows Virtual Desktop.


I have attached a screenshot of the only error received, there is nothing more to continue troubleshooting from.


The session host is restarted every night and the issue is seemingly random and intermittent between my various session hosts.


@alexwarren98 Same here. For me its in a specific tenant, when i try to list the session hosts, i get "Failed to retrieve the session hosts" over and over. The deployment works fine for the users. Did you find a solution?