Application Processes remain open on Multi-Session Workstation after closing App

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We have setup FSLogix profiles for our client’s AVD Environment.  We are using Azure storage to store the profile disks.  We have found an issue when users connect to the multi-session workstations.  Every time a user opens an application such as Microsoft Word / Excel / Google Chrome.  The process remains in the background even after the user has closed out word.  These processes cannot be killed by an administrator and the machine requires a reboot to get rid of them.  Has anyone else come across this scenario?  (32 Bit Office 2019 / Chrome manually installed on workstation image).

We ran a Proof of Concept storing the FSLogix profiles on an Azure created file server (rather than Azure Files) and we did not have this issue.  

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@Jeff_Paulsen Issue appears to be tied to the use of the Office Container in FSLOGIX.  Using just the Profile container appears to resolve the issue.  Looking for best practices guide for implementing AVD / Multisession W10 / FSLOGIX / Profile Container / Office Container / Search indexing.

This issue may have been caused by the M365 Office Activation being set to "Per User" rather than "Shared Computer" in the W10 Multi-Session environment. (Eliminating the Office Container in FSLOGIX eventually produced the same issues)