Anyway to publish Skype or Teams as a remote app?


I created a single VM host pool and a App Group. 

When I run Get-RdsStartMenuApp -TenantName $tenant -HostPoolName $hostpoolname -AppGroupName 'LOB Apps'

I only see things like Word and others. But I don't see any exe for Skype or Teams.  

Skype I believe should be lync.exe but it is not present. 

Teams appears to run from user's appdata.  

SO is there anyway I can publish these as remote app? Not necessarily for audio/video but for user on a Mac to run and be able to chat. 

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@Jgq85 skype is not officially supported so I will focus on teams. Was it install per machine or per user?

@Stefan Georgiev 

Thanks that's perfect

@Jgq85 We use Skype for Business and it works.  Although my issue is no mic is found.  I am still looking for a solution for that.

@Jgq85 Where you able to publish this as a remote app ?

I also tried with shell:AppsFolder\com.squirrel.Teams.Teams but the application is not launching.