Announcing public preview of Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop


We are excited to announce the public preview of Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop. Customers who require their information to remain on trusted private networks now have the option of using Private Link to enable access to their session hosts and workspaces over a private endpoint within their virtual network. Private Link means that customers can choose to have traffic between their virtual network and the Azure Virtual Desktop service travel over the Azure backbone network – keeping the connection secured and data off the public Internet. 


Here are supported scenarios for this preview:

  • Both the clients and the session host VMs use private routes to connect to the AVD service 
  • The clients can connect via public routes while the session host VMs use private routes 

All Azure Virtual Desktop clients are compatible with Private Link, but we currently only offer troubleshooting support for the web client version of Private Link. Troubleshooting support for other clients will arrive soon in a future release. 



Getting started

  • Want a quick overview of the new feature? Watch this intro video on Azure Academy!
  • Learn more about the Private Link feature here.
  • Learn how to set up Private Link with Azure Virtual Desktop here.


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